Who We Are

Gracit Technological Foundation is a community of people passionate people passionate about making significant contributions to improving the lives of unprivileged young people in Africa by training and mentoring them on technological skills. 

Due to the digital divide, many young people in Africa lack access to technological infrastructure and tutors. Gracit strives to spread these resources to people who may not be able to afford this privilege. Our end goal is to have our beneficiaries equipped with skills that can enable them seize good economical opportunities and become more productive adults 


To be a leading non profit organization creating a more technological and equally advantaged Africa


To bridge the gap between unprivileged young people in Africa and opportunities by training and mentoring them on technological skills

Our Initiatives


The tech4charity initiative covers Gracit Technological Foundation’s work with orphans. According to UNICEF, Africa has about 52 million orphans. The tech4charity initiative targets Orphanages and collaborates with them to provide technological trainings to the people that reside there  


CDE stands for community digital empowerment. Gracit targets unprivileged young people and these target group extends to many other local communities beyound orphanages. Gracit through her CDE forms collaborations with partners outside orphanages to provide technological trainings to people that meet our target group.

Our Values

Our culture and drive can be explicitly demonstrated with the following words. We strive for more and more of these


We see ourselves as more of a community than a formal institution, a family and not just an organization. we strive to build a personal connection with our people.


Our work involves a great level of sacrifice. Our people commit valuable time and resources to get the work going. We don't wait till its convenient to do whats needed.


We treat our beneficiaries with a great deal of respect. We understand that some are fortunate due to opportunities that other people may not have had.

Forward Thinking

We constantly think of ways to get better and do better. Our decisions and actions are based on what the future requires and how we can play a part