We're excited you're thinking about taking action!
Here are the various ways you can join to further this work

Sign up to be a Volunteer Instructor

We carry out training sessions across different locations and on a variety of skills. Sign up and you would be notified when there’s a training session that you could partake in.

Become a Project Manager

Want to be directly connected to realize a Gracit work at an orphanage or local community ?
Project Managers are at the center of our operations at Gracit Technological Foundation. Project Managers commit to taking full responsibility of a new or ongoing Gracit project as they oversee infrastructure, coordinate training sessions and many more. 

Join our core operations team

Ranging from our training curriculums to our media. From systems fixing & maintenance to research. We have people behind all the operations that go out from Gracit. We let the word out when there’s a new opening so be sure to stay tuned if interested. You could also reach the email below for any express interests or engagements