Creating a more technological and equally advantaged Africa

The prime opportunities of our day involve technological savy which is hindered by the large digital divide in our Continent 


Labs built


Beneficiaries Trained


Trained Sessions


States Covered

“While the world continues to make technological advances speedily”

Many areas particularly in Africa still lack digital literacy 

Let's leave no one behind

Together towards a better tomorrow

Our Corner

We carve  digital labs in granted spaces by our partners creating a perfect environment for productivity

Our Fuel

Our trainings and operations are carried out by passionate volunteers who drive all we do 

Customized Trainings

Beneficiaries receive personalized attention from tutors who use customized curriculums

Individual Importance

Our Gracites are our pride. We respect, care and do our best to integrate our beneficiaries into a healthy community

Our Impact



Want to be in the heat of the action? Gracit is a volunteer run organization. Our operations are centered on people who give their time, skills and selves

Donate a device

We readily recycle used computers and gadgets, turning these items into great resource tools that empower the next generation of tech leaders

Give a gift

Our donors give for different reasons, all with the assurance that they are contributing to meaningful work. Sponsor a project? make a one time donation? Give consistently?


There are many meaningful ways organizations and groups can collaborate with us. We stand on the strong belief that the future is shared and partnerships achieve more