The Impact Of Technology In African Youth Communities

Africa’s youth population is currently the largest in the world. This large workforce can contribute exceedingly to her development if empowered properly.

In this May 2020 Edition Quarterly, the Gracit research team brings insight on the impact that technology has had in the African continent as well as the opportunities still obtainable. Current research has shown a relationship between technological innovation and economic prosperity. Youths can utilize ICT to develop skills, maintain culture, gain knowledge and generate income among others. This paper highlights four major impact criteria; digital jobs, learning opportunities, collaboration and connectivity, as well as financial inclusion.

As massive as the effects of technology are, African youth communities are yet to scratch the surface. The adoption rates of technology are not evenly distributed, and the African continent is lagging, with many areas still lacking digital literacy. Civil society organizations can work with the government and private sector in advocating for more accessibility of ICT tools to youth.Gracit Technological foundation is working to alleviate this issue by using specific and appropriately designed programs to suit her beneficiaries in Africa.